Here at Griffin Continental Energy Resources Limited our business is run on proven sound principles and world class practices. We have therefore developed an efficient cooperate governance structure to promote these.
Our teams are our most important asset. We are convinced that without them, our vision is impaired and impossible. We rely on their passion, innovation and competence to achieve our goals. Hence, we invest strategically and consistently in creating an atmosphere that will help them reach their full potentials.
Sustaining healthy work relationships are vital to us as we have a workforce of diverse ethnicity and nationality. These cultural, language and technical diversities actually have resulted in deeper understanding of the market and help drive innovative solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Every individual in every team is brought to a deep understanding of his relevance in achieving our vision hence we have freed ourselves of the fear of intimidation and redundancy.

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We are involved in the physical trading of commodities such as Crude oil, PMS, Petrochemicals, LPG, Bitumen, Natural gas and Agricultural products and by-products.