Griffin Continental Energy Resources Limited is actively involved in the physical trading of commodities such as Crude oil, PMS, Petrochemicals, LPG, Bitumen, Natural gas and Agricultural products and by-products.


Shipping of raw materials is a critical part of our business. Shipping is important to any production process as raw materials need to be moved from where they are produced to where they are refined or processed.

Distribution and retail

Connecting wholesale products to those who need them has proven to be very profitable. We are actively involved in bridging this gap by creating distribution and retail solutions for petroleum products.

Marine Shipping systems

We are highly competent in marine infrastructure operations and maintenance. We have a wealth of experience in the maintenance and operation of jetties, berths and vessels. We also supply navigational infrastructures such as buoys.



As a company involved in energy and commodities trading and logistics, we make sure that we do not put our environment at large, and our stake holders in harms way by promoting world class safety and product handling standards.